Dual-Head Ultraviolet Toothbrush Disinfection Box



- UV Sterilizer kills 99.9% of Germs,can kill 99.998% and germs on your toothbrush, you can use a fresh, clean toothbrush every time.
- UV sterilizer also combats the that causes bad breath and the gum disease- gingivitis. With a drying fan added, this UV toothbrush holder can improve the drying of toothbrush heads.
- You can stick your toothbrush holder to the bathroom clean glass/ceramic tile with tape.
- Help to sterilize a toothbrush and remove it.
- Premium material made, durable and sturdy

Product Name: Portable Toothbrush Sterilizer
Product color: white, green, pink
Main material: ABS
Product weight: 85g
Product size: 75*56*28MM
Battery capacity: 450mAh
Lifetime: 140 minutes

Package Content

Toothbrush sterilizer*1