Ultrasonic Facial Device



LED Photon Ultrasonic Lifting Face Skin Cleaner

Ultrasound Wrinkle Remover

Anti Aging Skin Tightening Skin Care Instrument

Facial Beauty Massager


1. Cleansing & Skin Brightening Mode: Positive ion lead out function will provide deeper skin cleaning when combined with a cleanser, easily remove the cosmetic metal ion residuals which may be harmful to your skin; Negative ion lead in function will make your skin deeply absorb the nutrition for more effective skin care.
2. Nourishing Mode: Red light therapy will tighten your skin pores and fade dark spots, also will promote metabolism and activate the cells to reduce wrinkles at the same time for anti-aging and skin tightening effect.
3. Heating & Moisturizing Mode: Blue light therapy will prevent bacteria growth to help remove acne, avoid skin inflammation and reduce the risks of leaving the scar, which can restore the energy to make your skin shine and refresh. Warm treatment and high frequency vibration can accelerate metabolism and enhance tissue regeneration process to open up the pores and when combined with skin care cream or liquid, it will make your skin fully hydrated for better moisturizing effect.
4. Sensitive conductive strips on both sides and ergonomic streamline handle allow for operation convenience and comfortable secure grips.
5. Built-in 500mAh battery can be directly powered via USB charging for continuous enjoyment, auto shut off function will help save energy with higher efficiency.
6. Lightweight and portable design, you can put it in your bag for easy access whenever you want, suitable for both home and travel use.

Package Included:

1* Facial Beauty Massager(Main Unit)

1* USB Cable

1* Cover Lid



Material: ABS

Color: White

Charging Voltage: 5V 1A

Rated Power: 2.5W

Battery Type: 3.7V 500mAh

Charging Method: USB Charging

Charging Time: 3 Hrs

Warming Temperature: 45°C

Working Time: It will enter into standby mode after 4 minutes; automatically shut off after no operation for 1 minutes.

Product Size: appr. 48*55*153mm

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Eda R.

Ultrasonic Facial Device

Isobel H.

Great! Complete and effective